Pansy the Poodle: Dog Detective

Investigate. Explore. Excite.

When it comes to solving big mysteries and high-end crimes, never count out the littlest one!

When we first find Pansy, she is lonely and hoping to find a forever home - and her life is transformed when fun-loving Avery sweeps her off her feet and into the lap of luxury. While she explores her new world with her loyal new best friend, Pansy stumbles onto mystery after mystery and solves each one by following the trail, boundless curiosity and a never-give-up attitude!

From the luxury and bustle of Beverly Hills to the enchantment of Parisian lights to the whimsy and history of Venice, Pansy learns about the joy of travel, the satisfaction of a job well done and the utter importance of friendship.

The Pansy the Poodle series is geared to children 4-9 years of age and exposes them to geography, culture, problem solving and life lessons. With vibrant illustrations and a fun fast-paced plot, Pansy the Poodle is a perfect addition to the libraries of families. The Pansy series will continue with Pansy in New York: The Mystery of the Talking Monkey, Pansy in Africa: The Mystery of the Missing Lion Cub and will be followed by further adventures spanning London, Rome, Australia, Hong Kong, Turkey and Russia.


When I spotted a little brown dog in a cage, whose face looked like a pansy, and brought her home - I never expected she would take me on a new adventure.

Cynthia Bardes


This story of hope, perseverance and the power of friendship was crafted to delight and encourage, but was borne of rather devastating misfortune.

While crossing a street in Beverly Hills, author Cynthia Bardes was struck by a car, requiring surgery and a lengthy recuperation. While bedridden at the hotel, Cynthia drew family closer and passed time by creating vivid and enchanting stories for her granddaughter, Avery, during her frequent visits. Her tale-weaving inspiration was drawn from the family's beloved chocolate poodle, Pansy - named as such for her sweet flower-like face - after seeing the joy the curious little pup brought to the hotel guests and staff, making for a perfect setting and story.

Pansy the Poodle Series was created to show that anyone can make a difference, no matter how small and has grown into a cherished series for children and adults alike. With three books in on shelves and a musical ready to hit the stage, Pansy has left her paw print on all of our hearts... The moral of the series is that one should never give up and always keep reaching!

A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Cynthia is a former dress designer and interior decorator. When not in Los Angeles, she and her husband, David, reside in Vero Beach, Florida with their darling Pansy.

The Pansy the Poodle series is iIlustrated by Virginia Best, an artist whose paintings and photographs have been exhibited nationally. She lives with her husband and two poodles in Vero Beach, Florida.


Click on each section to garner a glimpse about each book here, or visit the Books page for in-depth information, samples of pages and where to find Pansy. Enjoy a few samples of songs from the upcoming Poodleful! the Musical, coming to stage this fall.

A Peek At Pansy

PANSY AT THE PALACE: A Beverly Hills Mystery
Pansy’s life blossoms when she is adopted from an animal shelter by a loving family and little girl named Avery. Swept into her new life at the Palace Hotel in Beverly Hills, this smart and courageous puppy saves the day by solving a mysterious theft. Pansy at the Palace celebrates the spirit of curiousity and exploration, and teaches us that no one is too small to make a difference in the lives of many!
PANSY IN PARIS: The Mystery at the Museum
Pansy and Avery are off on a new adventure. They travel to Paris to solve a new mystery: who is stealing paintings from the museum? With only one clue and their boundless curiosity, the two follow the trail, foil the thieves, and recover the missing artwork – having great fun as they explore a beautiful city and enjoy its treasures. Pansy in Paris teaches the satisfaction of a job well done, and the special pleasures of friendship and helping others.
PANSY IN VENICE: The Myster of the Missing Parrot
In the third and most exotic Pansy tale, the little chocolate poodle and Avery are summoned to Venice, Italy, to help find a very important parrot. The beautiful bird, Penelope, is the cherished companion of the finest glass-blower in the city--and if he doesn't get her back, he may never make another work of art.
POODLEFUL! The Musical
Enjoy the classic rags to riches story of Pansy the Poodle and her sleuthing from the front row! Featuring upbeat songs and vibrant fun, your favorite chocolate puppy brings her lessons and enthusiasm to the theatre. Follow Pansy from her humble, tough beginnings on the streets; experience her joy at finding her forever home; get excited to solve mysteries with Pansy and her best friend, Avery.

Coming to the stage in the fall of 2015, “Poodleful!” the Musical will grace Riverside Theatre, staged by Riverside Theatrical Poodleful marks Riverside Theatricals' first original script to score tour, helmed by resident musical director, Ken Clifton. Clifton has conducted musicals up and down the East Coast and Disney uses his writing in Orlando and Tokyo.

Based on the book series and featuring 10 original songs (sample below!), Poodleful is a delightful new musical for the entire family.

It's Fabulous At The Palace Splish Splash Poodleful Pansy